Our Rooms

Our guests can choose from a selection of rooms:

  • A ground floor triple room with a separate entrance
  • An upstairs family of 4 room (one room available all year round)
  • An upstairs triple room (two rooms available all year round)
  • A large upstairs triple room (one room available all year round)
  • An upstairs double room (one double bed)
  • An upstairs twin room (two single beds) (available all year round)

Each room has an en-suite bathroom with a shower cubicle and a well illuminated mirror. All upstairs rooms have a balcony and the ground floor ones a terrace. The rooms are heated.
All rooms come with a comprehensive range of facilities:

  • a TV set with HB satellite TV socket – a private or leased set-top box will allow you to watch your favourite satellite channels (all rooms feature HDTV sets with HDMI connectors)
  • comfortable hotel beds (1st and 2nd floor)
  • antiallergic bed linen
  • a fridge, a wireless kettle, plates, a cutting board and cups
  • beach equipment.

Room No. 3 at the ground floor is adapted for the disabled.
For each room we provide ONE parking space on our premises or in their close proximity. PLEASE NOTE that this is an unsecured car park, but we do close the gate at night..